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Champagne from A to Z...



Beverages will bubble at "Champagne from A to Z..." a tasting seminar at the Jefferson Hotel with Lemaire sommelier, Steve Fox, on Dec. 12. Fox, University of Richmond wine instructor, will guide participants through a sampling of seven sparkling wines.

"One thing I want to demonstrate is that champagne is really worth the higher cost," Fox says. "It shows complexity and depth of flavor that is really hard to find elsewhere in the world."

Tasters will experience the strawberry bouquet and silky smoothness of Rose Champagne and the apple nuance and creamy texture of blanc de blancs champagne. Participants will also learn about the classic styles and production techniques of the world's best champagne, and they will discover the richness of vintage champagne and the elegance of Dom Perignon.

The tasting also includes food items — some that are not usually associated with champagne. Munch on everything from popcorn to tapenade (an olive spread) to mustard on toast. "These are some things that aren't so luxurious," Fox says, "[so] people wouldn't assume they go with champagne; but they are very affordable, and they are very good."

The seminar begins at 6:30 p.m. $65 plus tax and gratuity. Reservations required. 649-4644.

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