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DJ Charlie Mingroni on the electronic music that should be in everyone's collection.



Since 1999, DJ Charlie Mingroni has been spinning house beats coast to coast, working his way up from shifty dive bars. He spent two years in the Los Angeles scene gigging at such notable venues as The House of Blues on Sunset and The Wiltern. Although he's played alongside DJs like Angel Alanis, DJ Omar, Argyle, Bitchesbrew and C-minus, he keeps it real with a simple mantra: "It does not matter where you live, where you play, who you play with, or who you play to, so long as you, yourself, hear it."

Mark Farina "San Francisco Sessions" (Om Records)

"This 70-minute house music journey keeps you smiling and no doubt dancing through the entire mix. Some tracks even added the sound of birds chirping and waves crashing. Every track is perfect, as is every mix. For sure, I've listened and grooved to this tape at least 940 times."

DJ Dan "Beats 4 Freaks" (Moonshine Music)

"DJ Dan puts together a beautiful and grindy house mix that absolutely will not stop. The nasty beats and heavy bass lines travel through your feet leaving you no option but to dance. No track lasts too long to become repetitive and boring, which is why this is one of my favorites. … The intensity of each track builds to a lasting peak that ends up blowing your mind."

Sasha and John Digweed "Northern Exposure East Coast ed. 2" (Ultra Records)

"These two DJs remix 13 songs and take you out of a heavy, sweaty dance style into a spiritual, spacey atmosphere starting out with 'Believe' by the geniuses Gus Gus. As the breaky mix moves on, it drives deeper into your soul, leaving you on the floor with your head in your hands. Artists such as Spooky and Lost Tribe send you way into outer space for that journey through the stars, leaving you feeling at peace. Sasha and Digweed bring you back to earth with yet another Gus Gus track." S

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