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Caught in Carytown




Age: 18.

Occupation: Rising freshman at Virginia Commonwealth University.

My style: "Honestly, if I could wear a T-shirt and cargo pants every day, I would, but I feel compelled to wear low-cut, strappy dresses because I want to look cute for my boyfriend. It's also a real confidence booster. I dye my hair this color because it matches my personality. It's bright and intense, indicative of my character. My style goes between two extremes -- comfort and elegance. I like dressing like a woman, in black lace with plunging necklines. Being dressed well allows for greater social mobility."

Virginia Vassar

Age: 19.

Occupation: Future Georgetown student, home in Richmond for the summer.

My style: "This sweatshirt? I just got back from Africa, and it seems really cold here to me. I never really thought I had a style, but I lost a lot of weight in Africa, and now my African clothes are the only ones that fit."

Pam Reynolds

Age: "Undisclosed/ageless."

Occupation: President of the board of directors at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, effective July 1.

My style: "I try to think differently in my approach to clothes. I shop anywhere from Forever 21 to Coplon's to The Phoenix. I like to keep up with fashion trends, so I read British Vogue and I get Women's Wear Daily. I think it's fun to be unique. I like to mix up brands, styles, sizes and everything else."

La La (No last name given.)

Age: 31.

Occupation: "I don't have an occupation." (But she is from California, makes jewelry, travels around the country in a blue van and plays chess while selling her wares on the sidewalk.)

My style: "I really enjoy skirts. I like to be comfortable. I don't wear shoes usually. The skirts make me feel very feminine. I love to wear jewelry, but we're just hanging out. It's too hot out here."

Mary Buford James

Age: 26.

Occupation: Manager of JetSet Boutique in Carytown.

My style: "My style is very girly and feminine. Kind of classic. I like to throw in a few trends. The dress is from here. I love big earrings. I'm a big-earrings person."

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