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Capstan Shafts at Gallery5

Monday, Jan. 24


Working under the guise of the Capstan Shafts, Vermont native Dean Wells has spent the better part of the past decade producing an exhaustible amount of homemade records. Understatedly prolific, having 10 EPs and seven full-length albums to his catalog, Wells and his output certainly would qualify as a contender for Robert Pollard-, Guided by Voices-level overkill if it weren't that so much of his lo-fi indie pop rarely encounters a misstep in quality. Only recently breaking from the confines of his bedroom setup and touring with a backing band (his first show was in 2008), Capstan Shafts has been getting ample amounts buzz for their first proper studio LP, “Revelation Skirts.” The Capstan Shafts are scheduled to perform at Gallery5 with Ghost Lotion, White Laces and Lubec on Monday, Jan. 24, at 7 p.m.

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