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Cantor Poised to Become Obama's “Worst Nightmare”


Boy wonder Congressman Eric Cantor could see his blossoming political career grow even bigger Tuesday if Republicans win control of the House of Representatives where the legislator serves as minority whip.

Some 116 seats are in play and many pundits are betting on a GOP victory with Democrats keeping the Senate. If that happens, Cantor, the Republican from Henrico County and darling of the Richmond business elite, could become the next House majority leader. In that position, The Wall Street Journal reports, he would be in “the second most powerful post in that chamber behind the speaker. And he could be Barack Obama's worst nightmare.”

Should that happen, Cantor has vowed to become a truth squad and ethics disciplinarian against Obama and the Democratic Party.

Cantor, 47, has been taking a few lumps. The increasingly powerful tea party movement is clearly anti-Cantor, and his refusal to debate his opponents also raises questions about his newly found populism.

Plus, Cantor may be one of the few Congressmen ever to get drubbing in a New York Times Book Review article. In an assessment of his book, “Young Guns,” which he co-wrote with two fellow Republican congressmen, Cantor notes that both Democrats and Republicans agree that health care is in need of fixing.

“Well great,” reviewer Christopher Caldwell wrote Sunday, “but for years now Republicans discussing the availability and cost of health care have been like a kid who, when asked why he hasn't cleaned up his room, replies, ‘I was just about to!'”

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