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Can't afford a trip to Egypt? "Mysteries of Egypt" at the Science Museum's IMAXDOME is the next best thing.

Egypt on the IMAXDOME


Looking for an exotic trip this summer but don't have the big bucks needed? Then might I suggest a trip to the Science Museum's IMAXDOME to catch "Mysteries of Egypt"? A marriage of National Geographic narrative with the spectacular IMAX camera, "Mysteries" offers you a breathtaking exploration of the history of Egypt.

You'll fly over the pyramids of Giza, race down the Nile and descend into the shadowy chambers of the sacred tomb of King Tut. When the movie's over, you'll also find yourself dialing up the Virginia Museum to check on the next available ticket for its landmark exhibition "Splendors of Ancient Egypt."

You can certainly enjoy the movie without the exhibition — or vice versa — but why put limits on the oohs and aahs you can emit?

"Mysteries of Egypt" is also interesting because it signals a subtle shift in the IMAX tradition. Still a documentary in presentation of facts and locales, "Mysteries of Egypt" also employs a narrative technique more like a fictional movie. The conceit, which works well enough without being too irritating, is that Omar Sharif is a knowledgeable grandfather who wants to show visiting granddaughter Kate Maberly the sights of his homeland. For my tastes, a little more Maberly and a little less Sharif would have been preferable.

But fear not, nothing can upstage the magical beauty of

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