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Candidate "Saddened" by Style Weekly Coverage

When I decided to run for public office, I was told to first think about all of the things I had been involved in and the things that could be exploited by the media. After reviewing my record, I decided that I was nothing short of proud of what had been accomplished over the past six years. Even Style acknowledged me as one of their Top 40 Under 40 civic leaders in 2004.

I never imagined that the things that I believed in would be misrepresented for the sake of a simple media story by the one publication that acknowledged my selfless dedication to this district. I am confident that my experience is not unlike the many thousands of people willing and able to serve their communities, who just choose not to serve because of what they open themselves and their families up to.

I am proud of what has been accomplished and am saddened that Style has chosen to be disconnected from the real issues involving the city and has focused on things that are neither important nor newsworthy ("Dispute Divided Candidate, Neighbors," Street Talk, Oct 18; "Veggie Man Pummels Pounders in Council Race," Street Talk, Oct. 4).

We have yet to see someone from Style at any candidate forum, yet your reporters are quick to jump on calls from one very troubled neighbor about alleys and vegetable men. Anyone who takes the time to look at the real facts will determine for themselves that the only story here is about a strong civic leader who has a winning record of fighting for what he believes in.

Mark Pounders
Candidate for Richmond City Council

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