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Calling Jenna "Chunky" Cheap, Unfair

I was shocked that in this age of enlightenment, you would refer to Jenna Bush as the "chunky daughter of the worst president in U.S. history" (The Score, April 30). Regardless of your political leanings, I would expect more professionalism from Style with respect to physical descriptions. And besides, it wasn't her dad who turned the noun "cigar" into a verb. Worst president, indeed. I guess morality was not in the equation that you used to determine that superlative!

A. Maresa Spangler

I would first like to state that I fully support our First Amendment rights. Let me also state that I have never met Jenna Bush nor anyone in her family, nor Henry Hager. I have met Henry's brother, Jack, and their parents a few times. By no means are we "close," but I have found that they are lovely people. With that said, I felt compelled to write to you and express my utter disgust at your mention of Jenna Bush and Henry Hager in The Score this week. Clearly, whoever came up with that entry has some displaced issues of anger.

The fact that a nice young man and a nice young woman fell in love and are getting married is hardly a reason that Richmond's "rating" should take a hit of "-3." I cannot imagine what they have ever done to personally disgrace Richmond, and if Style can provide such evidence, then I believe the readers and residents of Richmond deserve to hear it. Whether you are a Republican or Democrat, I hope that in this day and age we are all mature enough to realize that you can still be a good person regardless of your political beliefs.

Furthermore, if someone chooses to run for president and is elected, I would hope that all Americans would recognize the president and their family deserve respect as human beings -- whether you agree with their politics or not. It makes me absolutely sick that you have published a "cheap tabloid" type of attack on a couple who has clearly made every attempt to "fly under the radar."

I am also disgusted that Style would assert that Jenna is "chunky." In reality, Jenna is actually a very nice-looking example of a healthy young woman. What is she — a size 4 or 6 ... or, heaven forbid, maybe an 8? Considering the astoundingly negative effect that overly critical judgment can have on a woman's self-image, I would hope that a publication such as Style would try and act more responsibly than a fifth-grader on the playground hurling insults. In my humble opinion, your publication has not only lost credibility, you now lack style as well.

Megan R. Lowden

George Bush is a public official whose on-the-job performance should be evaluated and questioned by each of us. His daughter is in a highly visible position because of her relationship to him. It was inappropriate (not to mention wrong) to describe her physical appearance the way you did. Rate her based on her contributions to the world as an adult who has taught school and uses her "bully pulpit" to focus attention on bringing the joy of reading to children.

Carolyn Bowen
Glen Allen

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