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Called to Jury Duty, Warner Gets Exemption

Must be. No way it has anything to do with his tax plan, the $1 billion tax increase plan, the one that would close the $6 billion hole Gilmore left. No way members of the Grand Old Party would want Warner out of the way during the Assembly session.

It’s just a freaky mistake, Qualls says, dodging conspiracy theories. Governors, lieutenant governors, and members of the General Assembly all are exempt from jury duty, according to Virginia Code. (The governor’s office has pointed this out to the Richmond Circuit Court.)

Also exempt: practicing attorneys, judges, police officers, prison guards as well as jailers. Felons don’t have to report, nor do folks with mental illnesses, people older than 70, child caretakers (if the caretaking is during normal court hours) or anyone who is so essential to a business that it would close if he or she reported for jury duty.

So doesn’t the court know who the governor is? Apparently not. And what about this Marker guy? Did the governor change his name to “Mark” when he decided to run for governor? Is he voting twice — once as Marker and the other time as Mark? Can you say, election recall?

Qualls says someone probably just misspelled his name. Happens all the time. Besides, no defense lawyer would want Warner as a juror. He grants clemency. So don’t worry, he’s not reporting to court.

“He is fairly busy,” she says. “When the legislature returns to town in January, he’ll be going on his own trials.” — Scott Bass

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