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Calamari for the Ears.



The Richmond scene has a lot of tentacles — maybe not up in the squid numbers, but close. Metal, jazz and hip-hop flail away, and lately it seems your happy-go-lucky pop sounds are growing out from the squishy body of the city as well. To that end, Erin Scolaro, right, of the indie-pop outfit You Guys Are Girls and some other concerned citizens present R Pop 2006 at Rocks, bringing together bands such as Conshafter (power pop), You Guys Are Girls, The Cheap Seats (multifaceted pop), Red Anthem (ambient pop), Aircraft (girl-swooning pop), David Shultz (folk pop), Jason and the Vacations (pop rock) and The Gaskets (dance-frenzy synth-pop). Ruining the metaphor, that tentacle has a lot of different flavors, but taken together they all sing the song of cooperation. R Pop runs 2-10 p.m. Sunday, July 23. Admission is $7-$9. 648-ROCK. S

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