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CafAc Caturra Is On Track


CafAc Caturra in Midlothian Village Square is one of my favorite local restaurants (“Here, There and Anywhere,” Food & Drink, Jan. 27). It's a great place to just sit by the fire and enjoy a glass of wine with my husband or to have lunch with my friends. The atmosphere is inviting and cozy, the staff accommodating and friendly. The sandwiches are delicious and the salads are top of the line — top quality greens with nuts and berries, a far cry from the typical iceberg salad most restaurants serve.

I have not found another locally owned restaurant in the suburbs that has this “stay and make yourself comfortable” atmosphere. You say that Caturra doesn't reflect the River City enough. What should it do, serve barbecue, wings and hang prints of Richmond on the wall? The food is excellent, the atmosphere welcoming and success is leading to a big expansion. Seems like it knows what it's doing to me.

Elaine Hall

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