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Byrd Screens Virginia Films

Dominion Film Sundays — Anatomy of a festival.

All shows take place at the Byrd Theatre, 1:30 p.m. Tickets are $5.

July 11 "Giant" (1956) The opening sequence of this epic story of Texas ranchers was shot near Charlottesville.

Aug. 8 "Dirty Dancing" (1987) Coming-of-age romance created a Catskills resort in Giles County.

Sept. 12 "Lassie" (1994) Lorne Michaels-produced update of the classic was filmed in Tazewell.

Oct. 10 Virginia Film Festival sneak preview.

Nov. 14 "The Contender" (2000) Rod Lurie's political drama set Joan Allen against the establishment and a backdrop of Richmond and Petersburg.

"The Four Seasons" (1981) Alan Alda filmed his coming-of-middle-age story in and around Charlottesville. — W.M.

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