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Butterflies swarm Lewis Ginter

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Insects are probably the least-fun creatures in the entire animal kingdom. Between their small size, spindly, segmented limbs and general alien-like appearance, they don't exactly invite a great deal of third-party admiration unless there's a pane of glass protecting against potential physical contact. How did the butterfly avoid the rampant discrimination heaped upon the rest of the insect community? Maybe it's because out of all the world's creepy-crawlies — the biters, the stingers, the suckers and the ones that roll dung around — those within the superfamily papilionoidea seem to exist solely to reinforce the notion of our ability to transform. Continuing its 25th anniversary celebration, Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden invites guests for an up-close and personal experience with these delicate insects with Butterflies LIVE!, an exhibit starting May 22 in the north wing of the glass Conservatory. The dozens of species will land in your hair through Oct. 11. 262-9887. — Mike Hilleary


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