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Butcher Brown and Mekong Express and the Get Fresh Horns at the Camel

Thursday, March 27. 9 p.m.


As I’ve stated before in these very pages, Richmond multi-instrumentalist Devonne Harris is a freak. Be it bass, drums, keyboards or two pieces of string, the man can get a tune out of anything he touches. With his group Butcher Brown, Harris takes up residence on the master’s instrument. He’s surrounded himself with a group of similarly talented freaks (bassist Andrew Randazzo, guitarist Keith Askey and drummer Corey Fonville) who can bring the jazzy funk as no others can in modern music. Their tripped-out, hip-hopped fusion recalls the work of Weather Report and Herbie Hancock without the scholarly distance or frivolous melodic indulgences. It’s immediate, compelling and danceable. Butcher Brown and the equally impressive Mekong Express and the Get Fresh Horns play Thursday, March 27, at the Camel. Doors open at 9 p.m. Admission is $5.

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