Business You Most Want to Come to Richmond


Readers' Pick

Second Place: Wegmans

Third Place: Trader Joe's (more)

The closest one is in Woodbridge, near Washington. Richmonders routinely travel 85 miles to shop the cheap-chic wares of Ikea, the Target of furniture retailers. A couple even got married in one last month in College Park, Md. Alas, Richmond probably isn't big enough of a market for the Swedish-based company. But we can dream, can't we? Ikea might have a chance if it located in Short Pump, which can draw from Charlottesville, which would give it access to at least two big college towns. Yes, they might be accused of using Chinese prison labor, but they are just sooo cool. Swedish meatballs, environmentally friendly furniture and those cardboard cameras that they plan to give away later this summer? Ikea is the mistress for whom we pine.

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