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can be summed up quite easily: awesome service, fabulous food. Low lighting and cozy seating give this restaurant a Greenwich Village chophouse feel, especially with red-and-white checked tablecloths and pine paneling stained a rich walnut hue. Most striking about the décor are the walls and walls and walls of bottles of wine — more than 700, our waiter estimated.

Appetizers include escargot, soups, portobello mushrooms and Bottomless Pitt's pick, shrimp cocktail. The four chilled jumbo shrimp were plump and flavorful, and the herby remoulade was a nice switch from cocktail sauce.

Entrees come with salads. I chose the Caesar, a traditionally prepared plate dressed with the usual concoction that was, perhaps, a bit too anchovy-ish for my liking, but I applaud the bold approach. B.P. had the mixed greens salad — nothing special, but greatly enhanced by his choice of bleu cheese dressing.

Though all of the entree options sounded divine, I chose a lamb chop special (which I later found out was a whopping $34). It was the most wonderfully seasoned and grilled lamb I've had in ages. I reluctantly traded a few bites with B.P., who was supremely satisfied with his 11-oz. filet that could nearly be sliced with the side of a fork it was so tender. We both chose the Buckhead's special potato cakes and shared a generous side of fresh asparagus served with hollandaise. Sautéed green beans and baby carrots were served with our entrees.

As if we hadn't had enough, we ordered a slice of key lime pie. It was a nice creamy and tart finish to a great dining experience

Buckhead's is definitely not an every night kind of place, but it's truly one of the best places for a special dinner in terms of service and quality of offerings.

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