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In terms of overall dining experience, offers one of the finest evenings out in town. Never mind that it's located in a shopping center named for a certain Los Angeles neighborhood but bearing no resemblance to the fictional home of Granny and Uncle Jed. Buckhead's rises above its location to offer classic chophouse cuisine in a dark, intimate setting. Yes, it's expensive, and yes, it's worth it, especially if you're a lover of aged, flavorful beef that can be cut with the tiniest amount of effort. From the politely taken reservation for two — none of that "I'm sorry, we only take reservations for parties of 16" — to the unobtrusive wait staff, the service is professional. They assist with wine selections, happily ask the chef about mystery ingredients and whisk away dishes with perfect timing. Beef, chops, seafood, soups and salads are their specialty and they do their best to ensure all are superb. Unless your pockets are overflowing with proceeds earned getting out of the tech stocks just in time, this is not a place for dinner every night, but when budgets allow, it's a place to celebrate any occasion you can dream up.

8510 Patterson Ave. 750-2000

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