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"Brush with Art", a fund-raiser for the PetFix Coalition

Art Lottery

It's a lottery, but don't bet on winning millions of dollars.

Instead, players will walk away with an original piece of art.

"Brush with Art," a fund-raiser for the PetFix Coalition, features works donated by artists. But for this exhibition, on display at Shockoe Bottom Art Center, instead of buying the artwork, viewers can purchase a $100 lottery ticket. Upon buying a ticket, lottery players must make a list, rating the show's displayed works in order of personal preference. The same number of tickets will be sold as pieces of art donated.

At 3 p.m. on April 8, the tickets will be pulled in a random drawing, and as an emcee calls each number, the ticket holder takes home the piece of art ranked highest on their previously submitted list, If the No.1 piece is has already been chosen, the next highest will be given to the ticket-holder.

"When you buy a ticket, you are guaranteed a piece of art," says Donna Pinnix, publicity chairman for the PetFix Coalition. Pinnix says she fashioned this event after the Art League in Alexandria's fundraiser. That show has grown to showcase approximately 600 pieces in the more than 30 years of operation, and she hopes this event will grow to that size one day.

In its second year, the show has already seen a slight increase in the amount of art donated. Last year's show raised more than $5,000 for the PetFix Coalition. With 60 pieces of art already donated this year, the show should generate at least $6,000.

To donate art or purchase a ticket, call 266-1986 or 739-7868.

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