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Brooklyne Baker


Brooklyne Baker, 14, is an 8th grader who has had her dancing shoes on for over a decade.

“Dancing helps me escape from everything…If I'm overwhelmed with school, then I just dance,” explained Brooklyne.

Her mother owns a dance studio called Sisterly Grace where Brooklyne not only takes lessons; but, gives them too. Her dance repertoire expands from modern to tap to hip hop, praise, and salsa.

Brooklyne also participated as a background dancer on the national television show ‘It's Showtime at the Apollo' in 2005.

Not only is she an avid dancer; but, she is also quite the pageant queen and actress. Brooklyne was crowned America's Miss Pre-teen Virginia 2004. “I was really excited, my mom was one and I wanted to be one too,” Brooklyne said.

She also served as an actor for a commercial print campaign for AMC Cinemas where she portrayed an individual in a wheelchair.

In addition to her acting, dancing, and pageant commitments, Brooklyne makes time for the less fortunate and helps feed the homeless at her church regularly.

She also volunteers to choreograph dances for various church ministries throughout Richmond and assists as a dance instructor for Countywide, an inner city Christian organization that allows children to spend their Saturdays in art workshops.

Fitting in all of these success stories into less than half a lifetime comes down a simple time management strategy for Brooklyne: prioritizing. “I just have to have my priorities straight, and I want to be well rounded,” Brooklyne said.

If you aren't noticing Brooklyne's work ethic, you are sure to notice her vibrant smile and carefully painted nails. You can see she channels her inner diva through her carefully painted pink and black nails, and her hair styled without a strand out of place. All the while, she is prioritizing each moment of her day and ensuring that she is helping others along the way.

Super Hero Name: Brookie Brooke
Powers: “I would want to help the homeless, and supply all their needs.”

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