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Bradshaw's Death Brings Back Memories


John Bradshaw was a friend of mine (“Remembrance,” Street Talk, Dec. 31). I was shocked and saddened by reading of his passing in your magazine. I was the master of ceremonies at the Crossroads Coffeehouse from 1970 until I moved to Dallas in 1974.

John provided a special blend of music and showmanship all over the Fan and Carytown from the old Cary Street Coffeehouse to Grant's Tomb on Grace Street and was one of the original performers at the Crossroads when it opened at the former Pace Memorial Methodist Church before it moved to the St. James's Episcopal Church parish house in 1968.

His legendary bottleneck style was artfully played behind his back as well! John and his playing partner, Steve Parks, would trade tunes well into Sunday morning as they played classical Mississippi Delta Blues.

I think John was so entertaining because his stories between songs were absolutely true! He truly was one of a kind and God I'm certain has saved a special seat just for him to entertain us in eternity.

Ed Shaver

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