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Flower Power
Nothing says love better than flowers! Here are some of the most popular wedding flowers and what they symbolize.

Baby's Breath - Pure Heart

Dahlia - Forever Yours

Daisy - Innocence

Lilac - First Love

Pink Rose - Friendship

Roses -
Cream - Perfection
Pink - Friendship
Red - Passion
Red Rosebud - Pure and Lovely
Red and White - Unity
White - Respect

Tulip - Perfect Lover

Source: Better Homes and Garden, Weddings, Summer 2004

Ten Most Popular Wedding Blooms

1. Rose

2. Tulip

3. Calla Lily

4. Lily of the Valley

5. Hydrangeas

6. Peony

7 Ranunculus (part of the Buttercup family)

8. Stephanotis (dainty white, star-shaped, waxy florets)

9. Sweet Peas

10. Gardenia

Source: www.theknot.com

Flower Arrangement Courtesy of Tom French: Flowers

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