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Body Double

At Ada Gallery this month, she shows flesh-colored and oddly squeezable sculpture made with repeated areas of back, groin and buttock. These forms are frequently mirrored so that their origin is obscured, as in "Column," in which a section of her back stacks up to form a column that reaches to the gallery ceiling. Slightly Byzantine in appearance, the structure suggests how human scale informs so much of what we understand and remember. But in her two versions of "Seat," both of which really function as a surface to sit upon, the artist's backside is distorted and duplicated to suggest a strange new life form. Humorously grotesque and surreal, Henne's lumpy forms seem to demote our worth as humans to the same as cows and other fleshy things, while reminding us of just how strangely foreign our physical selves can seem. —P.R-P.

Henne's sculpture exhibit runs through October at Ada Gallery, 228 W. Broad St. 644-0100.

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