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Bob Dylan at Virginia State University Multi-Purpose Center

Wednesday, Nov. 13

Recent reviews are calling this one of Dylan’s best tours in decades -- his voice is in rare form (no mumbling) and song rarities such as “Lenny Bruce” and “Not Dark Yet” are making regular appearances. In performance, he most resembles Tom Waits now, stalking the stage with theatrical swagger and menace, still reworking his most famous material, performing this tour at an upright piano and on guitar.

Dylan and his top-notch band will be performing at a relatively small gym in Petersburg (well, technically Chesterfield) at VSU that holds around 5,000 people, but looks much smaller. Here's hoping the dreaded gym sound is not too bad, because this seems like a tour not to miss. At 78, Dylan may not be doing this too much longer.

As part of his never-ending bootleg series, Dylan just released a compilation built around the late ’60s material he performed with Johnny Cash and the “Nashville Skyline” sessions. 8 p.m. Tickets $49.50 to $79.50.


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