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"Blow Dry," "15 Minutes," Get Over It," "The Mexican," and on video, "Wonder Boys"

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"Wonder Boys"

"Blow Dry" — A bittersweet dramedy, this British import sports a fine cast and a few good laughs, but it eventually falls flatter than a can of bad mousse. Set in Yorkshire, "Blow Dry" introduces us to barber Alan Rickman and ex-wife Natasha Richardson, who runs a beauty salon. Once a champion stylist, Rickman hung up his blow-dryer after she ran off to live with his favorite model (Rachel Griffiths). The animosity gets brushed aside when everyone agrees to make nice and enter a national hairdressing competition.

"15 Minutes" — Robert De Niro is media-savvy top-cop Eddie Fleming. Edwards Burns is Jordy Warsaw, his polar opposite, a fire marshal who gets the job done without much fanfare. They find themselves as partners when an apartment fire turns out to be the work of two Eastern-European psychopaths. Psychopaths aside, the real point of this movie is that tabloid media stinks. In fact, it's so horrible, the filmmakers need two hours to clue us in.

Add to that some lethally bad dialogue, and you're stuck with the reality that you've just squandered two hours of your life, as well as the price of admission. But what's more bothersome is the incredible hypocrisy with which this movie condemns the two crooks' ultimate "snuff" film, all the while showing them hard at work creating their vile masterpiece. Rather than enlighten us, the movie commits the very sins it claims to deplore in graphic, gratuitous detail.

"Get Over It" — Yet another teen romance starring the ubiquitous Kirsten Dunst. This time out, she's the younger sister who comes to the aid of her brother's best friend, "Liberty Heights'" Ben Foster. See, he's been dumped and is looking to win his girl back. But guess what?!? He slowly finds himself falling for Kirsten, who's a much nicer girl anyway. As you can imagine, that causes quite a riff between best friends. A by-the-book romance, let me say just one more thing: Sisqo. Yes, the "thong thong thong thong thong" man co-stars.

"The Mexican" — Fans have been waiting for this for years, perhaps even whole lifetimes: Brad Pitt and Julia Roberts together in a big Hollywood movie, playing lovers. Sadly, "The Mexican" is an agonizing, two-hour Western/self-actualization romance/mob comedy that's guaranteed to make money simply because of the presence of Pitt and Roberts. Disjointed, poorly acted, overly long and dull to boot, "The Mexican" has only a few aspects worthy of note: a souped-up El Camino; a mean-tempered, football-loving, junkyard dog; and James Gandolfini, who outshines the big stars with ease.

Now On Video:
"Wonder Boys" — In this wonderfully dark comedy Michael Douglas turns in a low-keyed but hilarious performance as a college writing professor and one-time best-selling novelist with closure issues. Wife No. 3 has just left him, and his married girlfriend (Frances McDormand) is pregnant with his child. To make matters worse, his editor (Robert Downey Jr.) is breathing down his neck and a suicidal, but gifted student (Tobey Maguire) has latched onto him. One word of caution though, the good professor is something of a pothead.

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