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Bloomberg: Richmond Among Least Upwardly Mobile Cities for Fast-Food Workers

Richmond earns "immobility score" of 66.6 based on salary data, living costs.



Richmond is among the least upwardly mobile U.S. cities for fast-food workers, according to a list published by Bloomberg late last month.

Out of the 50 most populous statistical areas in the country, Richmond and Atlanta are tied for fourth in the “difficulty of obtaining upward mobility in a low-wage job,” according to Bloomberg’s analysis.

The news organization says it checked pay for various fast-food positions against the cost of housing, a college degree and health care in each city, adding it into an “immobility score” from 1-100. Richmond earned a score of 66.6.

The results also note the breakdowns in individual categories. Richmond ranks fifth in number of work hours needed to pay for one college course (47.71), but fares better in housing costs and overall pay.

The numbers echo the concerns raised by Richmond fast-food workers in December, when they joined a national strike for higher wages.

More about the ranking can be found here.

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