Blood from a Turnip Puppet Salon

When: Sun., Jan. 29, 7:30-9:30 p.m. 2023

Blood from a Turnip is a puppet salon celebrating the diversity of puppet expression and the range of folks who tell stories through objects. Since its founding in 1997 the event has presented short form puppet shows in a variety of styles. ​Blood from a Turnip at Firehouse will feature these shows/artists (and more):  H&G- The Rift by Virginia Theatre Machine (Mark Lerman/K. Jenkins); Sammy Davis Therapy by Bonky Dolls (David Higgins); Georgie's Dilemma by Mr. Paul; Wicker World by Whorls of Wonder Puppet Theatre (Mary Nagler); + musical interludes by Anaís Alonso (of the band Serenata) .

Price: 10