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Bill Clinton Stumps for Wife at Hippodrome in Richmond


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Rain downpours, lightning strikes and tornado sirens weren’t enough to dampen chants of “I believe that she will win” last night, with Hillary Clinton supporters lining up outside the Hippodrome Theater in Jackson Ward.

“You need to have some experience and experiences, and she has all of the above,” Jessie Jefferson said while waiting for the chance to see former president Bill Clinton speak about his wife’s campaign.

“I don’t look so much at whether you’re a Democrat or Republican,” said Jefferson, assistant principal at J.L. Francis Elementary School. “I wanna know what can you do, what have you done, and are you gonna be there for the people?”

With Super Tuesday approaching next week, it was Bill Clinton’s job to help mobilize supporters to come out March 1, when Virginia is one of 11 states holding primaries. Virginia has 110 Democratic delegates, the third most delegates in this round of primaries.

“We need to win Virginia,” Clinton said. “We need every vote, Virginia.”

While Hillary Clinton and her opponent, Sen. Bernie Sanders, have been neck-and-neck in the polls, more than 500 Clinton supporters packed the theater for the event. Bill Clinton focused on inclusiveness and change, with emphasis on universal healthcare, LGBT rights and making college accessible to everyone.

“Hillary is running for president to put every American in the picture of the future,” Clinton said.

The storm caused a few glitches with the event. Aside from a leaking roof, Clinton took to the stage at 8, an hour after his scheduled speaking time.

Though he emphasized the importance of Tuesday’s vote for the Clinton campaign, the former president implored Virginians not to vote for his wife because she is a woman but because of her political record.

“She should be president because she is the single best change-maker I have ever known in my life,” Clinton said. “She makes everything she touches better.”

Jefferson is ready for the first woman president, she says, but is voting for Clinton based on her experience in politics.

“She’s there for the American people,” Jefferson said. “It doesn’t matter where they’re from, what their religion is, or what their race is. I believe that’s the way it’s supposed to be.”


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