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Bill Bellamy: Making the English Language More Promiscuous



Before Carson Daly, there was Bill Bellamy. If you grew up in the mid-1990s, you probably spent your afternoons watching him on "MTV Jams." He went on to star in several movies and comedy specials where he was typecast as the quintessential "playa." He coined the catch phrase "booty call" and the English language, at least after-hours, hasn't been the same since. His role in 1997's "Def Jam's How To Be a Player" still makes him the ultimate dating idol to adolescent males. Bellamy continues to entertain audiences across the country. He released the comedy DVD "Bill Bellamy: Back To My Roots" last fall, and the movie "Dress to Impre$$" — no, the dollar signs are not a typo — will be released this year. He plays four shows at the Funny Bone, April 6-9. Tickets are $20-$22. 521-8900. S

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