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Big Memories Can Come in Little Packages.



This was the decade of social media, when Time magazine named “You” as a person of the year, when bloggers rose, MySpace fell, your parents got on Facebook and Twitter tripped us out at the end of the '00s. So naturally we turned to some of our 4,000 Twitter followers to share their big memories of the decade -- in fewer than 140 characters, of course. Here's some of what you tweeted.

UTLADYVOLSFAN: 9-11-01 at Virginia Blood Services' Donor Centers. People waiting 3+ hours to donate. Community bringing food.

rich_corbett: Tiling bathroom floor post 9/11, beautiful day, windows open. Then realizing I hadn't heard a plane all day.

Unsafebet: Getting out of school for a week and grilling eggs due to no power from Hurricane Isabel 09/03.

Maryframer: ditto @Unsafebet Isabel 09/03. boiled water for bird baths & made popcorn on the grill. Neighbors helped clean up

MarianeMatera: Discovering the Burger King on 301 & 295 had electricity and ICE the third day after Hurricane Isabel

OFDConsulting: my little Big moment was finally watching a movie at the Byrd from the balcony :)

Rsmartt: Tropical Storm Gaston wreaking havoc throughout #RVA in '04.

Melaniemcdonald: Being invited in for wine and cheese by a kind stranger while stranded during the Gaston flood

Throwingutah: Spending 12hrs in wet socks and watching the hippies run barefoot in the poo water on E Main during Gaston.

Melissalloyd: April 6, 2005 is the day I moved from ATL to RVA.

Richmondmom: saddest-Harvey family murders. It was amazing though to see #rva rally around and celebrate their legacy.

Flack4RIC: Seeing Queen Elizabeth II deplane @ RIC in 2007, after watching the red carpet get a trillion adjustments.

PalluR: Watching the ball rise at the first carytown new year's celebration, and then being carried away by the crowd.  

Teevirus: VCU Ramz Hall fire
RichmondSprite: At the end of the decade we will have more Richmonders in poverty than at any time in the last 40 yrs

Coreyhumphrey: Watching Mike Vick enter downtown #rva courthouse w/ PETA protesters and pro Vick counter-protesters. Circus.

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