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Big Ball Rising



Since the demise of oversized New Year's Eve gatherings at Festival Park and the late 6th Street Marketplace, Richmond has lacked a signature year-end event for some time. While last year's Carytown NYE drew more than 5,000 people out of their homes for a thrilling street party, it takes a proven record to become an institution in this town. The plucky local organizers of the event, including the Carytown Merchants Association and RVA magazine, backed with name-brand sponsorship, seem prepped for what may become an annual test of their fortitude and faith. Partygoers can expect to hear music from Black Cash and The Bad Trips, Jaci Camden, Boneanchor, Prabir and the Subsitutes and the No BS Brass Band (pictured from left to right: Lance Kohler, Reggie Pace, Stefan Demetriadis and Mark Ingraham). In addition to that slow-rising big ball, there are four video projection screens, a VIP area and desperate attempts to get attention by intoxicated city dwellers. The music starts Monday, Dec. 31, at 7 p.m. and continues into the next year. 658-2935.

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