Best Yoga Studio

Readers' Pick

First Place: The Hot Yoga Barre

No. 200, 1601 Willow Lawn Drive

Second Place: Bikram Yoga Richmond

Third Place: Hot House Yoga

As if a half-lotus-crow pose weren’t hard enough on its own, some like it hot, and there are quite a few places to sweat profusely all over town as you twist like an Auntie Anne pretzel. Far Infrared Radiant heating panels are what make the Hot Yoga Barre state-of-the-fitness space a fave for both hot yoga and hot barre — the panels heat the room, not hot air. That, my yogis, is a good thing, because fewer germs swirl around in its new and spacious square footage. Bikram Yoga was first in town to offer the hot posing experience and its customers remain loyal to the two local locations that crank the heat to 105 degrees to help circulation and flexibility. Hot House features two styles of yoga instruction, stability and flow, with an ultimate goal of achieving therapeutic vision by sequencing moves in a thoughtful way based on how the body is structured. Its locations in Richmond and Tidewater make it easy for the beach-bound to keep up the practice when away from home.

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