Best Yoga Studio

Bikram Yoga

Readers' Pick

3024 Stony Point Road.; 330-3353
3621 Cox Road; 249-3355

Second Place: Yoga Source

Third Place: Glenmore Yoga and Wellness Center

Who doesn't enjoy sweating out five pounds of body weight in 90 minutes? The Bikram studios are hot — 105 degrees, to be precise — and large enough (about 1,500 square feet) that you're not swimming in perspiration. You sit, lie and bend on special antibacterial floors, says Garland Humes, co-owner of the two Richmond Bikram studios. Bikram yoga, Humes says, is based on "scientific principles," and they teach 26 postures with two breathing exercises. "It's not only a physical practice, it's very mental," Humes says. "You feel happier. You sweat out five pounds of water. You feel clean." And to be perfectly clear, Humes says you shouldn't worry about passing out, or dying, from the heat: "There's absolutely nothing dangerous about Bikram yoga."

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