Best Veterinarian

Readers' Pick

Betty Baugh's Animal Clinic

5322 Patterson Ave.

Second Place: Locke Taylor

Third Place: Nan Jack

Betty Baugh Harrison began her clinic 24 years ago on a holistic care concept that included home visits, rare these days among pet vets. Her three full-time and two part-time vets make house calls as far from her West End clinic as Goochland and Hanover counties. Baugh's practice is mostly limited to household pets such as dogs and cats, but offers services including ultrasound, surgery and dental care, says Sue Janosky, practice administrator. Boarding is available for regular patients, she says, noting that providing high-quality care is essential. There are plenty of competing vets out there in Richmond's (forgive the pun) dog-eat-dog market. Last year's winner was 40 plus-year veteran Locke Taylor, who handles critters as varied as household pets, snakes, lambs and goats. Nan Jack wins praise for her personal devotion to all animals and her special attention to stray dogs and feral cats.

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