Best Venue to See a Band


Hall of Fame: The National

First Place; The Broadberry

2729 W. Broad St.

Second Place: Innsbrook

Third Place: The Camel

The National is a 1,500-seat, historic venue that’s served as the premiere downtown club for midsized to upper-tier touring talent. Recently its acts were as varied as P.J. Harvey, rapper T.I. and the Chainsmokers. The Broadberry has steadily established itself as a popular midsized venue, with a capacity of 500, in the prime spot near Boulevard and Broad that used to house the Cellar Door venue in the 1980s. Owner Lucas Fritz has added a new bathroom at the front of the venue, easing congestion. But what’s better is the diversity of acts this spot is booking: jam bands, hip-hop, reggae and metal veterans such as the Melvins, who play this August. Oh, and you gotta love the large outdoor patio during the Richmond summer.

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