Best Venue to See a Band

Readers' Pick

First Place: The National

708 E. Broad St.

Second Place: The Camel

Third Place: Innsbrook After Hours

Voters again reward the 1,500-capacity big room at the National, a historic vaudeville venue that once saw the likes of Orson Welles on its stage, and now sees the likes of Ted Nugent and on special occasions, Jay and Silent Bob. The venue has become adept at mixing big-name indie acts such as Cat Power and Tame Impala with formerly big-name artists on their way down (Marilyn Manson), along with a potpourri of tribute acts, and the all-important youth-oriented dance groups seemingly made for hula-hooping and trippy toys. The Camel has become a go-to spot for local acts, occasional touring groups and even a legend or two — Jonathan Richman played a wonderful show there not too long ago. Innsbrook After Hours has given its property a makeover, and brings hordes to a sun-scorched field for such acts as the Marshall Tucker Band, Darius Rucker, Sheryl Crow and B.B. King.

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