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Second Place: @filthyrichmond

Third Place: @thecheckoutgirl

If we're going by followers here, and not reader votes, @filthyrichmond's sly, and yes, often filthy satire as the character "Jocelyn Plums" would win by a mile. She (or he) is headed toward 40,000 followers and counting. And @thecheckoutgirl beats out Gene Cox too, with more than 7,000 fans waiting to hear what hilarious and often shocking observation Jennifer Lemons will make next. But Gene Cox, hey, we all need a little @genecoxrva in their life. He probably won't think much of this title, probably will call it a "novelty" of some sort. But as one of his recent tweets put it, "It's nice to know who your friends are, but sometimes it comes as a surprise."

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