Best Toy Store

Readers' Pick

First Place: World of Mirth

3005 W. Cary St.

Second Place: Toys That Teach

Third Place: Toys R Us

A defining presence in Carytown — and one of its most distinctive storefronts, what with the rocket and fun house mirror — World of Mirth, which opened in 1993, describes itself as "a place where Dr. Seuss meets 'Pee Wee's Playhouse.'" It offers offbeat, creative toys, novelties and games for children of all ages, along with collectibles, T-shirts and products for babies and adults. Whether you want a teddy bear for your daughter or an Oscar Wilde action figure for your dorm room, chances are you can find it at World of Mirth. "We're not your typical toy store. … We love to make people laugh and smile and we have a good time doing it," says buyer and general manager Thea Brown. "Here, you never know what you're gonna find." Toys That Teach has locations at both Gayton Crossing and on South Side (both open Monday through Saturday), and the store is exactly what it says on the tin — from 3-D puzzles to puppets to pogo sticks — and that's a good thing. Toys That Teach also offers a full catalogue and gift-wrapping options. National chain Toys R Us has multiple locations in Richmond, including Parham Road and West Broad Street, and its expansive size and selection continue to prove that sometimes you just can't beat a classic.

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