Best Toy Store

World of Mirth

Readers' Pick

3005 W. Cary St.

Second Place: Toys R Us

Third Place: Toys That Teach

Why is World of Mirth, the colorful Carytown staple with the funhouse mirror by the front door, such a hit with kids and adults alike? "Probably because the store is an experience like no other," buyer Thea Brown says. From board games to practical joke kits to electronic voice changers, there's plenty for funsters of all ages. Today's hot toys include Chewbeads — jewelry for parents that infants can munch on safely — and Hop & Squeaks, which are like pogo sticks but with a seriously squishy component. "I love to see the looks on children's faces, and adults, when they come in here," Brown says. "They are in a different world." With their aisles and aisles of kid stuff, area Toys R Us stores cop second, and Toys that Teach — a specialty shop with two area locations — comes in a smart third.

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