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Akida Japanese Restaurant

606 N. Sheppard St.
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Second Place: Osaka Sushi and Steak

Third Place: Sticky Rice

The brighter and slightly more expansive Sheppard Street relocation of Akida continues to attract the sushi and sashimi-obsessed, along with the budget-conscious who appreciate the little restaurant that puts out top-notch Japanese cuisine in the Devil's Triangle. James River roll, anyone? Osaka brings out date-night sushi and boasts the loveliest dining room of the three, plus what's arguably the best sake list in town. With rolls such as Snap, Crackle, Pop and Drawn 'n Buttered, Sticky Rice's kitchen attracts fans of its creatively named sushi and, let's be real here, buckets of Tater Tots, too. We're not judging.

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