Best Richmond Cover Band

Three Sheets to the Wind

Readers' Pick


Second Place: Rosie Soul and the Rock and Roll Cowboys

Third Place: The Legwarmers

Do you like piña coladas? Have you ever been out on Thunder Island? Do you ride like the wind? If the answers to these questions are "yes," "yes" and "to be free again," then you've no doubt heard Three Sheets to the Wind, the admiral-hat-wearing cover band that traffics in that mellow late-'70s vibe that your ol' lady refers to as yacht rock. Three Sheets takes top honors for its smirky but charming take on Steely Dan, Michael McDonald, Hall and Oates and all of the other mainstays on the K-tel AM Gold collection. Offering something a little heavier, Rosie Soul and the Rock and Roll Cowboys serve up high-energy remakes of classic rock favorites such as Bon Jovi, and may throw in a souped-up Stevie Wonder tune from time to time. And even though they hail from Northern Virginia, the steady-gigging Legwarmers take third in Richmond voter's hearts, transporting local audiences through a big-haired time machine back to the music of the '80s. Whatever happened to Rick Astley anyway?

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