Best Restaurant for Takeout

First Place: 8 1/2

401 Strawberry St.

Second Place: Mom’s Siam

Third Place: Joe’s Inn

Love Mamma ’Zu, Edo’s Squid or Dinamo, but don’t feel like waiting around for a table? Call ahead and place your order for the unspoken to-go mash-up of all three that is 8 1/2. Despite a fire a few years ago that closed the place down, 8 1/2 opened back up without missing a beat. The sausage, polenta and beans are an indulgence, but the pizza — baked until the very last second before it catches fire — can become a weekly addiction. But make sure you call ahead — like its sibling restaurants, the line, made invisible by phone orders, is long and you might as well settle down with a nice glass of chianti before you pick up your food.

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