Best Quesadillas for the Late-Night Crowd

Critics' Pick

Mary Reilly serves a cheese quesadilla at Su Casa. - SCOTT ELMQUIST

City Limit: Its mini-quesadillas with melted cheeses, onions and peppers overflow the tortilla. University of Richmond students are lucky to have it so close.

River City Diner: Its breakfast quesadilla full of eggs, bacon and other morning goodness is a full-on winner.

New York Deli: Sometimes you just need a delicious chicken quesadilla at midnight.

Su Casa: It's simply called cheese quesadilla. What's inside, however, is a gooey, not-so-simple pleasure.

Boka Truck: Cilantro chicken with barbecue sauce, caramelized onions, jack and cheddar. Yum.

Sidewalk Cafe: A generous portion stuffed with chicken and cheese, slightly crispy from the grill and served with salsa and a mound of sour cream.

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