Best Place to Smoke Pot

At Home

Readers' Pick

Second Place: Belle Isle and James River

Third Place: Hollywood Cemetery

Oh, the outrage that greeted this question! Yes, we know pot is illegal. Look, Richmond, we aren't advocating that you get high. We feel bound to point out that as of May 9, 481 Richmonders have been arrested for pot in 2012. Obviously, you need a less conspicuous place to smoke. Even better than the outrage on our reader survey was the paranoia. We enjoyed that. One voter wasn't about to give up the best spot: "Really? So the cops can go there?" they chided. "Dude. Not cool to say," another admonished. All of which explains why the overwhelming winner was "at home." Better yet, as one reader suggested, in "someone else's living room with all the blinds closed ... we're in Virginia you know." If you feel brave enough to crack the blinds, maybe you're also adventurous enough to take your one-hitter to Belle Isle or Hollywood Cemetery. Creepy, dude.

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