Best Place to Hike, Bike and Run

Belle Isle

Readers' Pick

Second Place: James River Park System

Third Place: Pocahontas State Park

There's a long list of activities that are popular on Belle Isle, not all of them as innocent as hiking, biking and running. Being the pinnacle of the James River Park System, that's understandable. Because, hey dude, potheads enjoy natural beauty too. But for the active-lifestyle crowd, Belle Isle's nearly 600 acres of green is the crown jewel. The Civil War-era prison site now features launch sites for kayaking, cliffs for rock climbers, fishing and unparalleled views of the Richmond skyline. Pocahontas State Park in Chesterfield County is favored by the day-tripping crowd. With nearly 8,000 acres of horseback and hiking trails, it offers a more immersive experience for those times when you prefer to get lost in nature rather than just enjoy it.

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