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James Ginnell of Tailwind Bicycle Co. - SCOTT ELMQUIST
  • Scott Elmquist
  • James Ginnell of Tailwind Bicycle Co.

With short legs and a long frame, James Ginnell could never find a bicycle that fit his body type. So he built his own. And he started Tailwind Bicycle Co., which makes custom-fitted bikes, to do the same for you. "We do a number of measurements just to make sure that the bike fits that person perfectly. We measure your inseam, your knees to your feet, the length of your arms, elbow to wrist, middle of chest to the ground, shoulders," Ginnell told Style earlier this year. "We're trying to get an idea of a person's shape and what they're looking for."

Tailwind Bicycle Co.
2519 Grove Ave.

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