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If you haven't dreamed about the wilderness lately, chances are you haven't been to Green Top sporting goods. Where else can you pick up the latest line of Wilderness Dreams' camouflage lingerie for the woman in your life (or man).

Take the "soft, silky polyester" of Naked North's Snow Baby Doll Set ($26.99) or the Mossy Oak Break-Up camo bra ($24), "which pairs nicely with the camo thong, which features a matching pink bow" ($14), according to the online catalog. And sorry, blaze orange panties are unavailable. (Everyone knows that would be pointless.)

"The padded bras are real popular. And the thongs sell well," says Will Dameron, fishing buyer for Green Top. He doesn't know how he got stuck ordering ladies undergarments for the Ashland store, but he doesn't much care, either. Since the hunting and fishing specialty retailer started selling see-through mesh teddies and lace-trimmed undergarments in 2011 (try the pink camo boy shorts, $11.99), they've grown into hot sellers at Christmas and Valentine's Day — heck, the stuff sells well just about anytime.

But don't ask Dameron about the bathing suits. He hordes those for the Ladies of Green Top. "I've been ordering just for the girls that work here," Dameron says, "a lot."

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