Best Place to Buy a Purse Designed to Conceal a Handgun

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Consider this fashion dilemma: You're all dressed up for a night on the town, but your gown, scintillating as is, leaves you no place to conceal your subcompact 9 mm handgun. An ugly, utilitarian holster obviously is out of the question. And leaving the gun at home for the night certainly isn't an option for the serious concealed-carry permit holder.

Fashion conscious shooting enthusiasts rejoice: Colonial Shooting Academy on West Broad Street has the perfect clutch, purse or handbag for you and your outfit. The bags are designed with a holster inside that keeps your weapon separated from the night's other necessities. Colonial Shooting started stocking these concealed-carry purses in advance of Valentine's Day and reports steady sales since. Prices range from just a bit less than $60 to $325 for a deluxe model.

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