Best Place to Buy a Car


Readers' Pick

Second Place: CarLotz

Third Place: Pearson Signature Dealerships

CarMax may not be the cheapest place to buy a car, but it just may be the place where you're least likely to get ripped off. The difference is important. The genius of Richmond's used-car mega-dealer is that it eliminated the haggling and established fixed prices. This is usually a good thing, along with CarMax's promise to buy your old car no matter the condition. This brings us to the car consigners. If you don't like the price CarMax offers for your old car, take it to CarLotz. It charges a fixed fee ($199) to clean it up and list your vehicle online. This usually leads to more money than what the dealers will offer, but it does mean you may have to wait a bit. If you can't wait, traditional dealers such as Pearson Auto Group can help. With the economy picking up, new cars are back.

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