Best Place to Board Your Pet

Readers' Pick

First place:

Holiday Barn Pet Resorts

3800 Mountain Road
614 Johnston Willis Road

Second place: Pets at Play

Third place: Dog's Day Inn

Every pet parent knows the look — that expression so clearly saying "how could you" as you say goodbye to your furry friend before leaving for any period of time. They really do believe we're never coming back, don't they? But regardless of how long you'll be away, whether it's a weeklong vacation or just another day at the office, Holiday Barn Pet Resorts will make your dog or cat feel right at home.

With locations south of the James River and in Glen Allen, Holiday Barn offers overnight boarding for cats and dogs, grooming, classes for pups who need to work on their manners and doggy day care for those that have some energy to expend. Canine overnight guests have three lodging options: a kennel with access to a small space for stretching their legs, a cozy cottage with a little more space and two more potty breaks throughout the day, a luxury suite or a presidential suite. Cats staying the night get to luxuriate in multilevel condos with views of an aquarium and windows looking outside, and six different packages with cuddles, play time and treats are available.

Henrico County teacher Emerson Hughes and his family opened Holiday Barn in 1972, and it's remained a family business for all those years. He turned it over to his son Michael Hughes in 2004, and the team will treat you and your pets like members of the pack.

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