Best Place for Karaoke

Sticky Rice

Readers' Pick

2232 W. Main St.

Second Place: Cous Cous

Third Place: New York Deli

Say what you will about Sticky Rice — the basement reeks of onions, it's true — its karaoke night isn't a shameless gimmick employed to attract a crowd to a bar that otherwise has no personality. In other words, it isn't soulless. Neither are the runners-up in the category, for that mater. But there are plenty of variables that play into the making of a successful karaoke night: sound quality and a healthy and diverse selection of songs, for instance. But what are the songs to the crowd who shows up to sing them? For as long as Sticky Rice has been serving sushi, a critical mass of tattooed, PBR-swilling, tater-tot-scarfing youth have flocked there Tuesday nights to belt out their favorites. You don't need to have pipes. You just need to have fun. And in the midweek, there are few bars that have more of it. Hardly also-rans, the popular vocalizing events at Cous Cous and New York Deli pick up reader nods as well.

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